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YE2  IE2 high efficiency motor
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GPHQ YE2 IE2 high efficiency motor

YE2 ac electric motor low speed high torque motor  standard three phase induction motors are totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage

motors that are manufactured with new material and technology. It is a new generation motor and can save energy.

YE2 ac electric motor low speed high torque motor    center height: H80-H355, output: 0.55kW, pole: 2, 4, 6, 8, degree of protection: IP55, cooling method: IC411,

mounting dimension conform to IEC standard, rated voltage: 380V, rated frequency: 50Hz, ambient temperature: 40°C max,

altitude: 1000m, duty: S1.

  YE2 ac electric motor low speed high torque motor    have some notable advantages such as high efficiency, good starting

performance, low noise, improved structure, improved cooling capabilities. This series motors are used for general motors

and can be used to drive all kinds of general purpose machines such as compressors, ventilators, pumps, petorl chemical,medical, chemical industries and mining etc. For other special requirement please contact our sales department.

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