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how to plan Bussien trip  in china  ?

Hi friends ,As you know, China is a very big country, the distance between northernmost to southernmost China is about 5500km, westernmost to easternmost is 5200km. if your suppliers are from different province, maybe from one to another city is very far,

so, here are some tips for you!

1`Ask someone to help you: like GPHQ , if you will visit several factories ,GPHQ will do plans for you after show all visiting city name ,we will plan for you which visiting way is better and quick for you ,

2`Check the factory address on map and then arrange your trip, if the factories is too far from each other, choose the one you most like and save you time and money.

3`In China one products can done in many province, like motor factories are in three areas: Zhejiang , shanghai and Fujian Province, if you want do motor business, visit one of these three areas is mostly enough, like GPHQ facotry is Zhejiang Province, we are 4hours from Shanghai by train ,2hours from Hangzhou by train, 2hours from Guangzhou by air.

That’s all for today, any question ,please contact with us